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Sunday, 30-Nov-2008 03:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark

everybody is all psyched up about finishing spm. well, im psyched but im not all that intrested in my life after spm. Everybody is dating their friends, some are eager to get their driver's license, some are happy they did not get picked for plkn. I'm am not all of the above.

I put up a list if things i wanna do Post-SPM
1. Go PLKN and shoot some M16. It's something you get to tell your future children "Mummy get to use some M16 when i was younger". And you could make some of those non-PLKN people feel so jealous.

2. Keep some money every month so i can buy the pro camera i've always wanted


Thursday, 31-Jul-2008 10:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i deleted few of my previous entries because i find that blogging can be very dangerous.not that anyone read my blog, but i might give away some vital information the other day.

Friday, 16-May-2008 09:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Teachers' Day

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Secara teorinya, today teachers wouldn't be teaching.
Technically, today we'll have a grand ceremony and lotsa activities :surprised:
Personally, today will be the only day you get the chance to see teachers embarassed themselves
Ironically, today teachers get the chance to cheat on games
Really, i think the whole idea of teachers' day is to escape lessons and teachers would be bingeing on cakes and kick students asses..Well, i was exagerating. I mean kick their ass as in kicking the ball ( in a futsal game).

Trying new angles.I've realized it's hard to take this photo coz im wearing pinafore...i don have much freedom

My fren here got exited when the teachers started to throw water balloons at students. Sad I wasn't there. Happy that I'm not wet.

When teachers got WILD!
Mdm. Ling Ling (our Add Math teacher overtaking C. Monir)

My favourite moment

When teachers fall..

what happens when teachers don obey the rules:
Neyna gets emo...

Having our own picnic under the clouds...happy it's not sunny

one thing i love about the get to see helicopters flying by

Wednesday, 14-May-2008 07:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Chaotic Kolej

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Hard storm last night..pretty scary coz i've never experience something like dat before.
The next morning, i went to school as usual. The car broke down so i hitched a ride in my frens' car.
Puzzeled, the entrance to our school was blocked. Dunno why? Parents are forced to do 180 degree turn and their children walked about one kilometer across the field to school.

Tuesday, 29-Apr-2008 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
some things that is to be done for the last time in kolej

1.English ULBS
funny, we havent practised our lines yet but we want to finish it for good. We were talking about AIDS. I was the innocent victim and Hanif was our accidentally gay victim. Our situations have nothing in common. So Hanif was talking was talking about his wild partying night, getting drunk and high and ended up in bed with his best friend's boyfriend(a boy).
He was saying it out like this;
" We did anal sex..."
and the teacher burst out in laughter and yelled out to the whole class
"Everybody! Hanif has a confession!"
But apparently nobody was intrested in our ULBS..except for one boy, our class monitor. He was trying to find out what's the confession and so the teacher said to him...
"It's about two men riding a horse..." then he laughed like a little kid so wrong with his gigantic size.
I said horsie style and Nina said "If two men ride a horse, one must ride behind"
So we laughed maniacally like we're not serious in our oral test.Then its my turn to tell my story. My story was that i got infected when i accidentally sat on a syringe infected with HIV virus in the dark cinema. It goes like this..
"I yelped when i noticed this sharp stinging on my butt and i saw..."
There goes the teacher laughing like a little kid again. He points towards Hanif and said
"He did it.He did it!" *which means i'm Hanif's supposedly gay partner and the pain in the butt refers to the pain of doing s** horsie style*
After we stopped laughing so hard the teacher said
"Let's not jump into conclusions"
Then i finished my lines and Nina came up with a last minute question for me..she asked,
"Is it in your butt or your ...*grabs her own butt cheek* butt cheek?"
I sub-conciously grabbed my buttt cheek too and pointed there. The teacher saw what we were doing and he laughed again at us...

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